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Beijing M&B Electronic Instruments Co., Ltd has an early start in the high-tech enterprise. Since the establishment of M&B in 1989, our company has launched more than two new products every two years to meet the market needs. Up to now, M&B has established more than 20 customer service centers all over the country, and the products are widely used in different kinds of hospitals, communities and health department, and the great contribution has been made to citizens’ healthy life.

Over the years M&B has been sticking to the core spirit of “say little and do more”, and focus all the energy on the development and service. In the scheme designing, we pay more attention to the technological content, humanized operation, and the national condition of China, so that the using characteristic which is easy to operate and upgrade is formed. Throughout the year, the technical communication and clinical discussion with famous universities, research institution and medical organization give the updating and upgrading of products additional splendor. Excellent products, well-trained sales teams, perfect after-sale service system has laid M&B an irreplaceable status in the Chinese market .Over 20 years, M&B who develops freely and quickly in the domestic market, accounts for a considerable proportion in the market share from the amount of new products, the total installed, the covering area of products, and M&B is also an indispensable outstanding enterprise in the medical instrument industry. In front of so many social recognition and honor, M&B don’t stop the step of progressing, and to be down-to-earth, create with heart, pursue and explore diligently for the health of entire citizens.

M&B raises higher requirement to itself according to the market needs continuously, and sets up a higher goal. M&B will make the users feel the intention of M&B from the first moment they own M&B and also we will let this feeling pass through the whole process from beginning to end. We promise that every corner M&B touches will be equipped with professional maintenance engineers who have experienced strict training at headquarters, and provide 24hour service of quick on-site maintenance. Moreover, M&B provides the service of products installation, training, maintenance, upgrading, and technical consultancy, and consider the satisfaction of customer needs as our own responsibility. M&B will walk through every land where we are needed using firm and vigorous steps, and leave behind healthy laughter.

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